2016 Walk Photos 


Social media resource guide for the 10th Annual Stomp Out Sickle Cell Walk.

SOS Walk Hashtag:    #soswalkdc

Sample Facebook Posts:

On September 10, 2016, we gathered for the 10th Anniversary Stomp Out Sickle Cell Walk to bring awareness to sickle cell disease. #soswalkdc For more information: http://bit.ly/2aWp4Vo

The District of Columbia has the highest incidence rate of babies born with sickle cell disease and trait compared to the 50 states. Join us for the Stomp Out Sickle Cell Walk.  #soswalkdc  

Learn more, visit http://bit.ly/2aWp4Vo

Sample Tweets:

Proud to have joined the SOS Walk @Howardu to "Stomp Out Sickle Cell” Walk on Sept 10.  #soswalkdc

Below are pictures from this year's 2016 SOS Walk.


For more information contact:

SOS Walk.org 
PO Box 2946 Landover Hills, MD 20784-0946
202-865-8366 • info@SOSwalk.org
Website: SOSWalk.org